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 Nell’ambito di events such as fairs, Visual communication is extremely important, and must be done via banners, Mini-stands and fair exhibitors suitable for the occasion. Among the features that the exhibitors and the banners from fair must have one of the most important is surely the practicality. Be able to Mount and disassemble exhibitors and stand quickly and easily is surely very important when you attend events of limited duration, so as not to lose time with fitting out of the stand. Displayshop has thought about this need by proposing models of banners and backdrops that are easy and quick to assemble and disassemble.

  • Description: Is an elegant Banquet, topped a lectern for printed media.  Perfect for presentations, conferences, meetings, etc., Birch drum finish MDF Top thermoformed flexible. Clear acrylic music rest. Easy to assemble. Complete with inner shelf and carry bag. Weight: 20 kg banquet EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 66x48x130h cm For more information, call...

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  • Description: Is a modular system for Roll-up, adjustable in height and angle, easy to carry and assemble. The set consists of 2 100 cm wide modules and module 1 150 cm wide. The legs are adjustable to 3 Heights: 110, 151 and 212 cm. All components are anodized aluminum. Complete with carry bag. Banner not included. Spotlights can be supplied separately on...

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  • Description: Is a steel base for rigid panels, designed for indoor or outdoor use. Designed for 3 to 40 mm thick panels. Metallic silver color, is available in various widths. Panel not provided. EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: l. 30-60-80-100 cm IDEAL FOR: Exhibitions, presentations, conferences, point-of sale, etc. For more information, call 049.8710777 o compila...

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  • Description: Double sided exhibition support with a particular shape, suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Its charming design makes it very lightweight yet durable thanks to glass fiber support rods. Does not require the use of tools to assemble and it stows easily in its carrying bag. In situations of high wind you can secure Stowaway to the ground...

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  • Description: Is the mounting system perfect for large format banners fixed to buildings or light poles, but also for indoor environments such as shopping centres or exhibition halls. A cotter pin locks the Flagstick in the wall bracket. Innovative horizontal leveling system, which allows to balance and keep the banner well live, even in the presence of...

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  • Description: Single or double-sided banner holder is a gigantic, for outdoor or indoor. Is designed for inserting a banner of 250 cm in width, and the height is adjustable from 150 to 200 cm. The bases are made to fill with water (up to 28 liters) or sand to guarantee maximum stability. You can also merge multiple single units to form a continuous wall....

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  • Description: Is a large-sized roller portabanner, arranged for the display of a banner of size 100x300h cm. Base with stabilizing feet, asta fixable at different heights, upper profile. Complete with carry bag. EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: width 107 cm IDEAL FOR: Expose a banner of high stature and impact. For more information, call 049.8710777 o compila il...

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  • Description: Is a transportable exhibition counter, perfect for promotions on retail, Exhibition Centre, shopping mall, etc. This counter is characterized by an acrylic section at the top, with a 5 mm shelf for displaying products. In the back is his converted a small warehouse with 2 sliding doors. Fully collapsible, comes complete with carry bag....

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  • Description: Folding table, portable enclosure with metal frame and polypropylene. Tough and durable, it easily folds in half and comes complete with handles that make it easy to transport. Can be customized with a tablecloth decorated with your logo. Ideal for outdoor presentations, malls, fairs, etc. 183x75x74h 94x75x9 cm Closed, open cm. Weighs 15 kg...

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  • Description:  E' un gazebo 3x3 metri, richiudibile e trasportabile nella comoda borsa con ruote. Può ospitare comodamente 5 persone. Struttura realizzata in alluminio, facile da assemblare. La copertura può essere fornita in colore nero, bianco, blu o rosso.Il gazebo richiuso misura 40x40x180 cm. Il set comprende: struttura, copertura, picchetti, corde e...

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  • Description:  E' un roll banner di dimensioni gigantesche: ben 2 metri di larghezza per un'altezza massima di 3 metri! L'asta può essere posizionata a diverse altezze. Piedini stabilizzanti e profilo superiore con sistema a scatto. Completo di borsa per il trasporto. Telo non compreso, fornibile a parte su richiesta. Il più grande, crea da solo una parete...

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  • Description: Is a carrier wall banner, for indoor or outdoor use. Simple assembly system, Screwless terminals. Square aluminium tubes, plastic coupling terminals. The banner is supported by an adjustable loop system. Comes in 3 sizes, 109x109, 184x84h, 284x109h cm banner. Resistant to winds 18-24 mph. External dimensions: 125x125h, 200x100h, 300x125h...

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