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Description: Is a freestanding double-sided display stand, for CD, DVD and VHS. Anodized aluminum structure h 175 cm, with big feet on 4 castors (2 with brake). The 5 floors are height adjustable. Each floor is equipped with 10 trays (5 on each side). Each Pan 15x15x10 ' ' contains 5 VHS or DVD 9 or 15 CD. Multimedia offers a total exhibition capacity of 250 VHS, DVD or CD 750 or 450 well! Is an ideal support for video stores, libraries, cultural centres, etc. is available with black or silver trays.


For more information, call 049.8710777 o compila il modulo sottostante. 

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  • Description:  Espositore autoportante per DVD, realizzato in filo metallico. E' dotato di complessive 56 tasche (7 per lato), profonde 5,5 cm. Ogni tasca può contenere DVD o videogiochi di dimensione 13,5x29 cm. Base su ruote. Altezza totale cm 175. For more information, call 049.8710777 o compila il modulo sottostante. 

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  • Description: Is a rugged CD display unit, made of galvanized wire. High 90 cm, is available in 3 different widths: 60, 75, 90 cm. Each floor has 2 CD rack. Allows you to expose a great number of CDs in a small space. Be ordered separately upon request: kit 4 wheels (euro 10.00). EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 60x35x90h-75x35x90h-90x35x90h cm

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