• Description: Is a handy snap kit 2 poster holder profiles. Consists of an upper profile with 2 rings for the posting, and a lower profile that serves as a counterweight. A simple and economical solution for the display of posters printed, easily interchangeable. Available in 10 different lengths. ALWAYS AVAILABLE FOR PROMPT DELIVERY-PRODUCT MADE IN...

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  • Description: Is a cute frame poster holder, budget and minimal. Anodized aluminum frame 8 mm diameter, black plastic corners. From 4 corners leave the springs with Alligator Clip, for the tension of the poster. The top 2 rings allow posters on the wall. Can be used both vertically and horizontally, Postfix is available in 6 different sizes. The letter...

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  • Description: Is a silver anodised aluminum rail: the perfect profile for a cut of each format. The intelligent suspension system, available in various lengths (100 or 200 cm), is fixed to the wall. Pr inclusoPerfetto mounting material for conference rooms and classrooms, to expose one side leaves of flipcharts, thereby providing greater visibility for the...

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