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Description: Frame with safety edges and angles to 45°. The profiles can be opened only by using the appropriate lever key, then these frames are indicated for all situations where you want to prevent tampering with content, such as in public places. Anodised aluminium profiles from 2.5 cm, bottom made of grey plastic, PVC transparent sheet protector anti-glare. Can be used both vertically and horizontally. Zipper fastener profiles guarantee maximum simplicity and speed in place of the image. Individually packaged, the frames are supplied complete with plugs for the posting, which is retractable. Delivery time 15 days. about. The key for opening must be requested separately.

EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: A4:24x32 cm-A3:32, 7x45 cm-50 x 70:70 x 100 cm-73x103 cm-53x73:103x143:100 x 140 cm

For more information, call 049.8710777 o compila il modulo sottostante.

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